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do women hate each other

Do women hate each other?

Salaam dear readers!

Hope you are having an awesome Friday! I wanted to thank each and every one of you for commenting on my last blog post about The Solution to Being Overwhelmed via my Facebook Page, Instagram and private message . Not only does it make me super happy to read what you have to say but I really felt the bond of sisterhood.It was a pretty personal post exposing my current state and faults. Reading how it helped you guys and how I wasn’t the only one making those mistakes, truly comforted me. Thank you!

I’ve been blessed with very gracious and supportive readers; I am so grateful for this digital sisterhood. Times like these remind me how lucky I am to be a girl and to be surrounded by many females.It’s so much more fun being a girl! SO glad I’m not a boring boy.

Why do girls or groups of girlfriends have such a bad rep?

Movies like Mean Girls, Snow White  and every Indian drama out there  always illustrate women as being adversaries or in constant competition with each other. Cat fights over bags, boys and beauty seem to be the exaggerated norm. If women are not busy plotting against each other, their relationships revolve around a male somehow. To make matters worse, sisterhood and positive female relationships are generally ignored.  Men on the other hand are portrayed as supporting each other or working as team members .

Mother in law and daughter in law portrayed in Bollywod (Image from

Mother in law and daughter in law portrayed in Bollywod (Image from

In real life, most marriage advice given to brides-to- be revolves around maneuvering through the tumultuous mother in-law, daughter in-law relationship because it is expected that you will butt heads and have issues. Girls are taught to be wary of jealous friends and to hide their achievements lest they get evil eyed. Almost every girl I know can list a female or two that tried to sabotage them or hated them for their success (more…)

Resilience and Fabulous Friday


Yaaay  it’s Friday! Anyone have any Black Friday shopping plans? I’m in the market for a printer. My last printer was pretty basic but got the job done. The best part was that it only cost $30.Unfortunately it is now just another name to add to the list of things my little one broke. No joke, this kid has some sort of ‘talent’ for destruction.

Hopefully I’ll get a decent one soon. I’ll have to keep it on top of my book shelf. There’s so much to consider when buying a printer- especially the cost of ink overtime. To read a pretty helpful article on ‘inkonomics’ click here.

Women only event at ISNA Nov. 29, 2015 resilience-real-women-extraordinary-struggles-unwavering-perseverance

Women only event at ISNA Nov. 29, 2015 resilience-real-women-extraordinary-struggles-unwavering-perseverance

Who’s going to the Resilience event this Sunday at ISNA? I’ve been looking forward to it since my friends told me about it. I’ve always had a soft spot for the rags to riches or the from zero to hero story.The underlying theme being that life can do a complete 180 turn for the better Insha’Allah. I love hearing real-life stories of how people overcame obstacles or tragedies. Just listening to their journey of resilience  from calamity to survivor is incredibly inspiring. (more…)

Fabulous Friday

Salaamz !
So my toddler annihilated my phone.
Words cannot explain how I feel right now..but Leo’s gonna try:

how am i supposed to live gif from pinterest

how am i supposed to live gif from pinterest








It’s not just because I’m disconnected from WhatsApp messages, google analytics, my calendar and the realization that I have the memory of a goldfish; but also because I’m becoming painfully aware of just how addicted to my phone I was.
Allhumdullillah I was offered a few phones by my brothers- an S3, S4 and S5 all Samsungs though (umm could I keep all three?). But I’m about the iphone life! Okay, yeah I think that scored pretty high on the ungrateful meter. I was thinking about what a pain its going to be to remember which apps I had, to pay for them again and get used to the android life. I can’t help but feel like I’m cheating on Apple and switching to the dark side.

A few lessons:

~I’m never buying a new phone, or expensive camera, or nice anything..not until the kids are teenagers.
~My brothers are the best Allhumdullillah.
~I shouldn’t put all my eggs in one basket; a good old address book could have really been helpful right now.
~I’m a better mother than I thought. Secretly I always worried how I would react if my kids ever killed my phone…apparently I’m not as horrible as I thought..yaaaay! Maybe the shock paralyzed me from going crazy or I was too preoccupied with resuscitating it to be a psycho. (more…)

10 ways to be the best you

“Everything you need to know about how to live life, you can learn from a flight attendant”.

air hostess (image from

air hostess (image from

I waited for him to say more but it seemed like his statement was complete. With a raised eyebrow, I slowly nodded and tried to smile politely as I mentally put the Naturopath sitting across from me in the ‘quack box’. The quack box is a place in my mind where I put people who have crazy ideas, like the aunty’s who tell you to stare at white people through out pregnancy if you want fair skinned children.
Why did it take me 5 months to get an appointment with this guy? He spoke very slowly and simply; I couldn’t help but think either he was slow or he thought I was slow. Initially I had a hard time telling if he was simply pausing or finished talking; I had cut him off at least four times in the past two minutes!

He was the complete opposite of me, I talk fast, use my hands to sign out half the conversation and make a lot of sudden gestures. He speaks, moves, blinks and breathes slowly.

But he thinks really fast.

Within ten minutes of our session he described me to the T. It was frightening and comforting all at once. I quickly removed him from the Quack box and leaned in to hear what he had to say. (more…)

The hot hijabi's guide to surviving the summer heat

The Hot Hijabi’s guide to surviving the summer heat

It’s that time of the year again when the sun is shining, the birds are chirping and everyone is outside enjoying the gorgeous weather.

Everyone except me…I’m more like a vampire clinging to the shade hissing at the rays of the sun lest I burn from the heat.

\Well I used to be like that..I’m better now..kinda

After many many years of wearing the hijab (since I was in grade 4 Allhumdullillah)  I think I’ve finally mastered the art of surviving the summer’s heat while wearing a hijab and dressing modestly..and the fact that super chic stores like Salam Shop, Dara Boutique and Modah opened up in the GTA really really help!

Back in my day (I’m going to have an aunty moment here) the only options we had for hijabs were these thick cotton triangles with 3 inch trims of lace or these silk squares that looked more like tablecloths .Anyone else have to suffer those? I didn’t even  bother with safety pins- I would simply tie the two ends under my chin in a huge knot and I was off walking barefoot to school uphill both ways of course . Problem was I used to love hanging upside down on the monkey bars- you can imagine what happened next- wish the magnetic hijab pins were available back then. (more…)