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If you knew Allah


Ramadan Mubarak!

Ramadan ready e-book- available on Amazon for $2.99

Ramadan ready e-book- available on Amazon for $2.99

How’s Ramadan so far? I hope you’re managing your mind, body and soul in such a way that your Ramadan is full of blessings and energy. If you’re lacking energy it’s probably because of what you’re eating. Check out my e-book Ramadan Ready for recipes and  tips on how to eat for the optimal Ramadan experience!

As for your mind and soul, I’m hoping this post will help you discover an entirely new way of understanding life; through knowing  Allah .

Instagram post via Inspired and Fabulous

Instagram post via Inspired and Fabulous

When I came across this post on Instagram by Inspired and Fabulous I couldn’t help but wonder how amazing life would be if everything was ‘good’. Not good as in nothing bad ever happens (that’s what Jannah is for), but good as in you are always able to understand why ‘bad’ things happen and extract the lessons and benefits of it. Imagine being at that spiritual level where you see the best in every single situation? How do people achieve that? Have they trained their minds to focus only on positives and become blind to the negatives? What is it that causes some people to always be in the state of Alhamdulillah?

My mother is one of those genuinely content and grateful people. She always sees the good in every situation, regardless of how ‘terrible’ it is. No matter what problem I have, after speaking to her about it I am grateful and more in love with Allah. She helps me see that every situation in life is an opportunity to harvest for our real lives – the akhira.

What’s her secret?


Does the Perfect Wife exist?


A little while back, my best friend and I were doing a little self-introspecting and goal setting over chai- made by me of course. Truth is, I don’t really like chai that anyone else makes. Whenever I’m at a friend’s dinner party I usually offer to make chai,  not because I’m a nice  person- I just like my chai the way I like my chai. I dedicated a whole post (here) to the recipe people! Why don’t you read it??

Goal setting over chai (image frommaisonboheme.blogspot,

Goal setting over chai (image frommaisonboheme.blogspot, that you’ve seen my crazy side, it’s a perfect segue back to my goal setting session on being a better person. Along with several career and active life style goals, we both wanted to work on our roles as wives. Each of us had called the other one too many times recently, complaining about marital problems that could have been prevented. Alhamdulillah our problems were essentially petty things that sometimes manifested into bigger issues. Regardless, they still affected us, our children and the overall well-being of the family. Though bickering had become a norm for us, we still had faith that it isn’t the status quo.. that there are couples out there that don’t  harp on each other’s every mistake and go weeks without fighting. This was not going to be a husband bashing session, we were going to take responsibility for our faults and constructively criticize each other for the sake of achieving our goals. (more…)

Part 3: 10 things I learned after 10 years of marriage

Salaamz guys,

So we celebrated our Anniversary this Wednesday.. Allhumdullillah it was great! Technically there’s more celebrating left to do- we were planning a mini vacation, going away for a couple of nights somewhere local. We haven’t settled on where because we have yet to make a decision on whether or not the kids will be joining us. We’ve never spent the night apart from our youngest; he’s not two yet. I’m not sure if I would be able to enjoy our vacation because I would be too worried about how he’s doing. Sigh. So it’ll have to be a place that has activities for the kids.

Our actual anniversary was one long gluttonous day. We pretty much did a couple of outfit changes and ate out all day. Guilt free -I will hit the gym everyday for the next month- order the most expensive item off the menu – kind of day. My only regret is not taking many pictures. We are horrible with selfies and the restaurant we had dinner at was very dimly lit. The candle light dinner was ,more of a tiny pen light dinner.

10 years! Allhumdullilah, can’t believe it! So much has changed since then.


'Regret that we had Siamese Attachment Surgery? Never!'

‘Regret that we had Siamese Attachment Surgery? Never!’

When we first got married we were that annoying couple that makes you wanna cringe and gag. Just for the record, I DON’T MEAN PDA.  We couldn’t bear spending time without each other and when were apart we would be texting each other constantly. I’m pretty sure we drove our family and friends up the wall!

Why the exceptionally long honeymoon stage?

I believe a lot has to do with the fact that the entire experience was so new for us. Neither of us ever dated or had a romantic relationship  prior to being married. Even our courtship was very dry and by the book. Our interactions were always purposeful and limited to what was necessary. There was nothing romantic about it! So  moments after our nikkah we truly began to freely talk and get to know each other.We made up for a lifetime deprived of romance. My sister and sister in law are probably rolling their eyes right  It was beautiful. We were on cloud nine everyday. I had never been happier in my life.

We’re a lot ‘better’ now, Aside from making a conscious decision to not be so joined at the hip, time, children and life in general helped as well.

Today’s post was supposed to be two points of what I learned after 10 years of marriage. Instead I had to cut it down to one point because I kept writing  and writing subtopics. Sorry! I’m really working on my excessive post lengths! (more…)

Fabulous Friday: Halal Date Ideas

Have you guys had a chance to read yesterday’s post about this months blog series on love, marriage and relationships? According to Google Analytics and from the response I have been receiving from you guys- this seems like a pretty popular topic! That’s good to know because love and marriage is one of my favourite topics to discuss.
A point within the realm of love and marriage that deserves special attention is Dating Your Spouse. In my post on Day Dating, I discussed the virtues of making time for your spouse and nurturing your relationship – especially after kids. Unfortunately most couples don’t make the time or effort to add some  much needed fun into their marriage, and some that are interested are lost for ideas.

Worry not, I decided to incorporate the weekly Fabulous Friday into the Anniversary theme with: Halal Date ideas. Every Friday, for the month of November I will list three Halal date ideas that are more creative than ‘dinner and a movie’. (more…)

Hajj like experience: 3 steps to a brand new you

arafat:( image from

arafat:( image from

2 million Muslims get to go for Hajj each year. Leaving one billion five hundred sixty-eight million Muslims behind wishing they could be a tiny speck in those breathtaking pictures. Especially on a day like today, the day of Arafah, many Muslims hearts ache a bit wishing they were lucky enough to be of those Allah SWT is proud of:

“There is no day on which Allah frees servants of His from Fire more than [those freed on] the Day of `Arafat. And, verily, He draws near and then proudly speaks about them [i.e. the pilgrims] before the angels, saying, ‘What do these seek?'” (Muslim)
Some of you may feel left out as you’ve never been invited, others may be longing to go back.
Either way I’ve got a surprise for you.
What if I shared an activity or experience with you that had a Hajj like transformation? (more…)

Playing Hooky and Day Dating

The first time I ever played hooky was in grade 9 . It was a half day before exam week and our teachers practically begged us to skip class. They assigned us our homework the day before and informed us that no lesson will be taught that day but we could come if we wanted to. Overwhelmed by my first set of exams, I was planning on being that annoying kid even teachers hate attending class before I was intercepted by two of my overly hyper friends. They were standing outside my class  bouncing from excitement. This was it, we were going to do it!

We skipped the whole day.

It was thrilling!

Death by Chocolate

Death by Chocolate

We hopped on a bus to the nearest mall and ate ‘Death by Chocolate’ at JJ Muggs. They served the dessert in champagne glass type bowl the size of my head. It took four of us to finish it. Not only was it the yummiest dessert  I had ever force fed myself, it spurred us into all sorts of philosophical -non exam related-conversations.

Would we like to die eating chocolate? How would we like to die? Would Nick Carter of the Backstreet boys like to die eating chocolate? OMG..what would we do if he died??? (more…)

My husbands fault

My Husband’s Fault

Salaamz dear Readers!

I wanted to apologize for the fact that I have been barely posting once a week or responding to your lovely comments – it is all my husband’s fault.

He’s typically pretty awesome- not the controlling type. He never really comes out and tells me to do something. He’ll definitely beat around the bush, but it’s very rare for him to directly demand anything of me. I’ve always thought I was very blessed to have a democratic relationship.

Anyways… I guess I ‘thought too soon’ because one day he completely turned into one of those ‘because I said so’ husbands.  (more…)

Chanel and KD: balancing love, life and little ones


Chanel Google image,d.aWw&psig=AFQjCNEvlv41EcEHr45FftU-5KHUJ9E6rA&ust=14293917a78473986


It’s been a few weeks since I entered the blog sphere- as much as I love it there’s definitely a huge learning curve for me. At the moment it’s more about techie website stuff than actual posts. Skimping on sleep and pretty much everything else seems to be the only way to ‘balance’ my life.

As soon as the little ones are asleep I rush to fire up my laptop and drown in this ocean of information until the wee hours of the night. Is it possible to joyfully drown? Don’t get me wrong I’m enjoying blogging but am constantly behind in everything else.

Long story short I have raccoon eyes and I make Wednesday Addams look like a supermodel. (more…)