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Ramadan Ready Already ?



So..Ramadan is about 2 months away..are you ready for it?

Some of  you might think it’s too early to start getting Ramadan ready but truth is I should have started writing about it 4 months ago. The Sahabas (RA) used to start preparing for Ramadan 6 months in advance. Why? Because they understood how valuable every single second of this blessed month is and didn’t want to waste a moment.

Think back to last Ramadan. On a scale of 1 to 10  how satisfied were you with your worship? Did you change for the better once Ramadan was over? Was there anything you wish you had done differently?

Ramadan is our annual Spiritual Boot Camp. It is a time in which we cleanse our bodies and souls through fasting. We purge and detoxify them so that we can recharge our engines for the rest of the year. Ramadan is our chance to have our previous years’ sins forgiven and to have every single good deed we do to be multiplied by 70! As you can see, it’s far too important to waste a second.

The purpose of this post is to identify factors that prevent you from having the optimal Ramadan experience and to come up with realistic solutions. Insha’Allah this will be your best Ramadan so far!! (more…)

Feeling Like a Ramadan Loser?

Feeling like a Ramadan Loser?

While stuffing my face at an Iftaar party yesterday, I came to the realization that the last 10 nights of Ramadan started that very night!

Ramadan Loser

Ramadan Loser

Yes, this Ramadan has not been one of the best ones unfortunately BUT it doesn’t mean I am destined be in the Ramadan loser category either! It ain’t over ’til it’s over. This is the final stretch and I can still finish off with tons of good deeds and have my sins forgiven.

A Ramadan Loser is someone who after this Holy month is over, is just as sinful as he/she was before it began and has not improved for the better at all.

Ramadan is supposed to be like a Professional Development or refresher course on how to ‘Muslim’. Allah locks up the devils and incites us to do more good deeds by multiplying the rewards 70 times.  ‘No shaytaan’ equals minimal sinning and multiplication of good deeds is supposed to help you rack up the rewards easily. Most importantly, this is the time when you’re supposed to re-learn the Qur’an and teach it to the rest of humanity (Not just Muslims).

Considering AllahSWT has set up the game in your favour, are you still going to end up losing?

Absolutely not!

This professional procrastinator has THE ultimate Ibadah hack list for anyone who has 10 minutes, $20 and a desire to earn good deeds.


DIY Gallery Wall

Salaamz guys!

I had some drop in visitors last night.. it was crazy exciting because no one just drops in to visit me since I kinda live in the boonies. My younger sister and cousin were missing my kids so they drove an hour to play with them! Even though their visit lasted only as long as their drive over, I was giddy and in a good mood for many hours after. Having family, guests, and good people in your life is such a blessing. I didn’t know how much I needed their Generation Y-ness to freshen up my evening and make me feel like I was 90 years old.

“That’s so Bae” and “Re-tweet!”  are apparently complete sentences expressing appreciation.

They dropped by while I was in one of my crafting frenzies, card stock, exacto knives and glitter everywhere. Despite dressing like ‘one of those white soccer moms’, I still managed to impress them with my DIY gallery wall. It was so bae.

Remember that Office re-do I had planned (read about it here)? Well Allhumdullillah it’s about 90% done. The other 10 % (my beat up old chair) will be taken care of much later so I’ll just ignore that.

Black & White stationary

Black & White stationary

Basically anything in our home has to be indestructible because of my youngest (Beta). (You may remember the unfortunate fates of my iPhone and printer). As much as I love those beautiful, delicate stationary and desk accessories, I have accepted that I can never have them. Every little bit that I do  have , has to be moved to a high enough location that he can’t reach. The solution to a pretty office that was Beta proof was a DIY gallery wall.

Hopefully he won’t be inspired to climb on the desk and take them all down. (more…)

Fabulous Friday

Salaamz !
So my toddler annihilated my phone.
Words cannot explain how I feel right now..but Leo’s gonna try:

how am i supposed to live gif from pinterest

how am i supposed to live gif from pinterest








It’s not just because I’m disconnected from WhatsApp messages, google analytics, my calendar and the realization that I have the memory of a goldfish; but also because I’m becoming painfully aware of just how addicted to my phone I was.
Allhumdullillah I was offered a few phones by my brothers- an S3, S4 and S5 all Samsungs though (umm could I keep all three?). But I’m about the iphone life! Okay, yeah I think that scored pretty high on the ungrateful meter. I was thinking about what a pain its going to be to remember which apps I had, to pay for them again and get used to the android life. I can’t help but feel like I’m cheating on Apple and switching to the dark side.

A few lessons:

~I’m never buying a new phone, or expensive camera, or nice anything..not until the kids are teenagers.
~My brothers are the best Allhumdullillah.
~I shouldn’t put all my eggs in one basket; a good old address book could have really been helpful right now.
~I’m a better mother than I thought. Secretly I always worried how I would react if my kids ever killed my phone…apparently I’m not as horrible as I thought..yaaaay! Maybe the shock paralyzed me from going crazy or I was too preoccupied with resuscitating it to be a psycho. (more…)

My Hajj in Pictures


I want to apologize to my non-Hajji readers. I don’t mean to alienate you with all these posts on Hajj. Insha’Allah your turn will come soon enough and you’ll turn here to find more information.

As for the Hajji’s, thank you for letting me be a part of your Hajj experience. You probably won’t understand now, but next year at this time you will have the strangest feeling. It’s a mix of sadness and joy laced with covetousness . You’ll be so excited for the Hajji’s and your eyes will light up whenever you’re given a chance to discuss your trip but you’ll be sad that others get to visit that which you love, while you can’t. By writing these posts, I feel like I’m vicariously re-living the Hajj experience through you guys.

May Allah SWT accept your Hajj. May He SWT, keep you healthy, happy and safe. May you return a better person. May the ‘Hajj -Effect’ never wear off. This is my last post in the Billion or so Hajj Tips & Tricks series.

I’m a visual learner, so seeing pictures really helps me understand . As I mentioned earlier, when a family friend was kind enough to share her Hajj Book with me, I instantly felt so much more prepared for Hajj. Seeing her pictures helped make those strange words make sense: “Meeqaat”, “Jamarah” , “Rami”. (more…)

Hajj Tips: Step by Step Hajj Guide


Yes, yes, believe your eyes it is two posts in two days. As I mentioned in my last post I was not planning on writing a post on the spiritual or ‘religious’ aspect of Hajj because I didn’t want to teach anything wrong (or get into fiqh issues). Sadly, many people messaged me about having no direction  when it comes to what to actually do at Hajj. So, Bismillah, I am compiling information from reputable Shaikhs that follow the Qu’ran and authentic Sunnah. Here’s my step by step Hajj guide with a billion or so tips of course!

I’ve referred to Muhammad Al-Shareef’s Hajj Coach site several times – I found it very practical and useful. What I noticed is that many of the links no longer work! Actually today the site seems to be down. Insha’Allah it will be fixed ASAP.

Here’s Video 9 of the Hajj Coach series.

Allhumdullillah he has created a fantastic Hajj and Umrah guide. Print it out and glue the sheets together. Insha’Allah it will be all you need. (more…)

Last 10 Nights of Ramadan Game plan

Salaamz dear readers,

I am super excited about today’s post because it will change the rest of your life Insha’Allah! The last 10 nights of Ramadan are coming upon us in just a few days. Subhan’Allah this month just flew by didn’t it?

Hopefully you read my post on setting goals and have been stepping up your worship during the best month of the year.

Now the feature presentation is coming: Laylatul Qadr!

Laylatul Qadr: The Night of Power. The Night of Decree. The Night that is equal to 1000 months. The Night of Destiny.

Last 10 nights of Ramadan game plan

Last 10 nights of Ramadan game plan

During the last 10 nights of the month of Ramadan, on an odd night, is a night that is better than a thousand months. That means,that one night is equivalent to approximately 83.3 years! Whatever good deeds you do during that night, it will be written as if you did those deeds for 83 years! If you were blessed with witnessing and experiencing 10 Ramadans – that means you could easily rack up good deeds equal to 833 years!

Though many people swear that the 27th night is Laylatul Qadr- we don’t know for sure and therefore should worship on all last ten nights or at least the odd nights so as not to risk missing this night. (more…)

Chanel and KD: balancing love, life and little ones


Chanel Google image,d.aWw&psig=AFQjCNEvlv41EcEHr45FftU-5KHUJ9E6rA&ust=14293917a78473986


It’s been a few weeks since I entered the blog sphere- as much as I love it there’s definitely a huge learning curve for me. At the moment it’s more about techie website stuff than actual posts. Skimping on sleep and pretty much everything else seems to be the only way to ‘balance’ my life.

As soon as the little ones are asleep I rush to fire up my laptop and drown in this ocean of information until the wee hours of the night. Is it possible to joyfully drown? Don’t get me wrong I’m enjoying blogging but am constantly behind in everything else.

Long story short I have raccoon eyes and I make Wednesday Addams look like a supermodel. (more…)