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My top 7 tips for increasing focus.


Energy to do everything (Pinterest)

Energy to do everything (Pinterest)

I know things have been real quiet around here..but I have a really good explanation. I am focusing on focusing. It’s a blessing to be motivated and have 987 ideas but it’s mentally exhausting. I want to do it all! The most ironic side effect to wanting to do it all is that you end up doing nothing. I’m pretty busy with my Islamic Home Decor business but I still feel like I’m doing nothing for my actual long-term goals.Whether it’s your career, education, relationships or spiritual goals, you must focus on the most important ones in order to be successful.

How I manage adhd (pinterest)

How I manage ADHD (Pinterest)

I could tell my frazzled over thinking state wasn’t healthy so  naturally I started a Ted talk marathon and began Youtubing videos of self-help gurus. I typed ‘how to beat procrastination’ and ‘how to focus’ in the search box; I ended up delving into the world of Vision Boards and Purpose and the Laws of Attraction. But the ultimate issue was FOCUS. Let’s focus on focus. I’m seriously considering having myself tested for some sort of attention deficit disorder…is it possible to develop later on in life? I have found so much valuable information for all of you! Get ready to change your lives and be the You, you always dreamed of becoming. But you must focus first. (more…)

do women hate each other

Do women hate each other?

Salaam dear readers!

Hope you are having an awesome Friday! I wanted to thank each and every one of you for commenting on my last blog post about The Solution to Being Overwhelmed via my Facebook Page, Instagram and private message . Not only does it make me super happy to read what you have to say but I really felt the bond of sisterhood.It was a pretty personal post exposing my current state and faults. Reading how it helped you guys and how I wasn’t the only one making those mistakes, truly comforted me. Thank you!

I’ve been blessed with very gracious and supportive readers; I am so grateful for this digital sisterhood. Times like these remind me how lucky I am to be a girl and to be surrounded by many females.It’s so much more fun being a girl! SO glad I’m not a boring boy.

Why do girls or groups of girlfriends have such a bad rep?

Movies like Mean Girls, Snow White  and every Indian drama out there  always illustrate women as being adversaries or in constant competition with each other. Cat fights over bags, boys and beauty seem to be the exaggerated norm. If women are not busy plotting against each other, their relationships revolve around a male somehow. To make matters worse, sisterhood and positive female relationships are generally ignored.  Men on the other hand are portrayed as supporting each other or working as team members .

Mother in law and daughter in law portrayed in Bollywod (Image from

Mother in law and daughter in law portrayed in Bollywod (Image from

In real life, most marriage advice given to brides-to- be revolves around maneuvering through the tumultuous mother in-law, daughter in-law relationship because it is expected that you will butt heads and have issues. Girls are taught to be wary of jealous friends and to hide their achievements lest they get evil eyed. Almost every girl I know can list a female or two that tried to sabotage them or hated them for their success (more…)

How my child’s self esteem gave me mine back


Happy 2016!

As many people make resolutions today about how to be better, goals to achieve, mistakes not to repeat, I just keep thinking it’s the last weekday off before my son goes back to school.

And I feel so guilty.

His winter breaks began while I was in the midst of launching my products. As I mentioned a few days ago, everything took the back seat to my crazy crafting day and night.

We were supposed to take a road trip to New Jersey to visit my cousin, have sleepovers and unlimited play dates. Instead he constantly heard “This is Mama’s time, please watch your brother”. I pretty much told him that I do everything for him, his brother and father all the time, just for once I need everyone to focus on me. It was the truth, I delivered that statement as dramatically as I could. I really did need all the help and shirking of responsibility I could get. It was impossible for me to be prepared for R.I.S otherwise.But I can’t stop feeling so guilty. (more…)

How was RIS?

Now that RIS is over, everyone has been asking me: How was RIS (Reviving the Islamic Spirit Conference 2015)? Translation: did you make any sales or was it a bust?
I keep saying ‘It was a great learning experience’ Translation : it was horrible but I’m being optimistic.LOL…actually that was true only until Saturday night. Alhumdulillah it really was a great learning experience and I’m really happy that I did it. Actually make that, I am proud of myself for going through the ups and downs of the entire experience..

Mompreneur (Image from

Mompreneur (Image from

So many women, especially mothers just like me who exited the workforce when they had children, were following my story keenly. Subhan Allah, a few strangers from around the world messaged me to let me know how proud they were of me! I honestly appreciate the support and kind words so much. For the well wishers and the potential mompreneurs to be, here’s a few bits of advice from my first jab at making and selling my own products. (more…)