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My week with Mortimer’s and Give Away for one lucky winner!


I’m the type of person that proudly shares that I got my shirt for $6 or that the gourmet tasting cookies are actually made from a box . I just have such a thrill finding bargains while shopping  or short cuts to recipes that I must share with anyone I encounter. I am the kooky lady talking to strangers about random tips and tricks.  Today’s post is about my latest ‘find’, trust me you’ll love it too. Especially when you find out the  give away associated with it!

The moment I heard about Halal meat pies that are ready to eat within minutes, I knew  we would be BF’s..but I had no idea we would be BFF’s ( yes, I’ve been hanging with my little cousins a tad too much).

Mortimer's Halal Kitchen

Mortimer’s Halal Kitchen

In the past a ready to go meal was always a compromise between eating something with meat and flavourful but stinking up the lunchroom or inconspicuously eating some bland macaroni without attracting extra attention. Mortimer’s Halal On The Go immediately piqued my interest.. HMA Certified Halal meat?, Convenient? Wholesome ingredients? No MSG and artificial flavours? But it must not be flavourful. I immediately agreed to test them out and have not looked back ever since. (more…)

Resilience and Fabulous Friday


Yaaay  it’s Friday! Anyone have any Black Friday shopping plans? I’m in the market for a printer. My last printer was pretty basic but got the job done. The best part was that it only cost $30.Unfortunately it is now just another name to add to the list of things my little one broke. No joke, this kid has some sort of ‘talent’ for destruction.

Hopefully I’ll get a decent one soon. I’ll have to keep it on top of my book shelf. There’s so much to consider when buying a printer- especially the cost of ink overtime. To read a pretty helpful article on ‘inkonomics’ click here.

Women only event at ISNA Nov. 29, 2015 resilience-real-women-extraordinary-struggles-unwavering-perseverance

Women only event at ISNA Nov. 29, 2015 resilience-real-women-extraordinary-struggles-unwavering-perseverance

Who’s going to the Resilience event this Sunday at ISNA? I’ve been looking forward to it since my friends told me about it. I’ve always had a soft spot for the rags to riches or the from zero to hero story.The underlying theme being that life can do a complete 180 turn for the better Insha’Allah. I love hearing real-life stories of how people overcame obstacles or tragedies. Just listening to their journey of resilience  from calamity to survivor is incredibly inspiring. (more…)

Fabulous Friday: Halal Date Ideas

Have you guys had a chance to read yesterday’s post about this months blog series on love, marriage and relationships? According to Google Analytics and from the response I have been receiving from you guys- this seems like a pretty popular topic! That’s good to know because love and marriage is one of my favourite topics to discuss.
A point within the realm of love and marriage that deserves special attention is Dating Your Spouse. In my post on Day Dating, I discussed the virtues of making time for your spouse and nurturing your relationship – especially after kids. Unfortunately most couples don’t make the time or effort to add some  much needed fun into their marriage, and some that are interested are lost for ideas.

Worry not, I decided to incorporate the weekly Fabulous Friday into the Anniversary theme with: Halal Date ideas. Every Friday, for the month of November I will list three Halal date ideas that are more creative than ‘dinner and a movie’. (more…)

Why I’m going to let my kids date

As Muslim teenagers, we knew the truth.


Clubbing, drinking, skinny jeans, Christmas, dating -anything fun, you name it, it’s deemed haraam.

power struggle (Image from

power struggle (Image from

Now, as parents we need to enforce Islamic principles and protect our babies from all the evil’s lurking around at every corner.
Finding the balance between encouraging the good and discouraging the evil is exasperatingly hard. You don’t want to be the bad guy that says no all the time but it seems like all they want is the haraam stuff! Even in just seven years of parenthood, I have loosened the reigns in order to promote peace and love in the home, though I still think certain things are wrong.
Masha’Allah some kids do what they’re told… and then there are my kids… challenging me at every decision. According to longitudinal studies, there is a silver lining to this dark argumentative cloud..they’ll probably challenge their peers when offered drugs too. (Insha’Allah)

muslim teen undercover (image from

muslim teen undercover (image from

We all know those kids that grew up under the rule of an iron fist and the second they believed they could do something ‘bad’ without getting caught, they would go for it. Then there’s those kids who don’t fear their parents punishment but fear disappointing them. How does one raise the latter?

From personal childhood experience, every NO I heard thickened my resistance and my resentment grew. I sometimes felt like Islam was a form of torture or trial meant to absolve you of your sins before being able to enjoy the Hereafter. Obviously as my knowledge grew I understood that this brilliant way of life knows us way more than we know ourselves. Islam’s nip-it-in-the-bud philosophy is what will prevent you from the horror of staring at  the positive symbol on a pregnancy stick wondering if your baby daddy will stay in the picture or not. It won’t let me be used or exploited like that. As a teen, all you know is that you want someone special to text you sweet nothings first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Someone to hold hands with as you walk down the high school halls. You never imagine it could lead you to dropping out of school, without support, penniless to raise a baby.

Simply NO


no (Image from

no (Image from

Like my parents, I can’t quite articulate how holding hands with the opposite gender or taking a sip of alcohol can lead to teen moms living below the poverty line or deaths caused by drunk driving. So, I usually just resort to saying “NO”.

Still, I don’t want the negative connotation associated with the word NO to transfer to me or my deen.
For that reason I’m going to try to say ‘yes you can’ to as many things my kids ask for.
Even if they ask me for permission to date , I’m going to say yes you can. (more…)

Ramadan ready e-book- available on Amazon for $2.99

Ramadan Ready!

Salaamz guys!

Allhumdullillah my book Ramadan Ready is available on Kindle for Amazon!!!

Last year I had THE BEST RAMADAN OF MY LIFE- I had the energy and motivation to attain my spiritual goals (unfortunately that never used to happen before)! Through the Grace of Allah SWT it was largely due to the fact that I had re-vamped my eating habits.

The saying ‘you are what you eat’ is actually true! I was fresh, healthy and full of energy.

Perhaps you’ve already had the Optimal Ramadan Experience- last year was the first time for  me. I felt like I had discovered ‘the secret’! (more…)