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If you knew Allah


Ramadan Mubarak!

Ramadan ready e-book- available on Amazon for $2.99

Ramadan ready e-book- available on Amazon for $2.99

How’s Ramadan so far? I hope you’re managing your mind, body and soul in such a way that your Ramadan is full of blessings and energy. If you’re lacking energy it’s probably because of what you’re eating. Check out my e-book Ramadan Ready for recipes and  tips on how to eat for the optimal Ramadan experience!

As for your mind and soul, I’m hoping this post will help you discover an entirely new way of understanding life; through knowing  Allah .

Instagram post via Inspired and Fabulous

Instagram post via Inspired and Fabulous

When I came across this post on Instagram by Inspired and Fabulous I couldn’t help but wonder how amazing life would be if everything was ‘good’. Not good as in nothing bad ever happens (that’s what Jannah is for), but good as in you are always able to understand why ‘bad’ things happen and extract the lessons and benefits of it. Imagine being at that spiritual level where you see the best in every single situation? How do people achieve that? Have they trained their minds to focus only on positives and become blind to the negatives? What is it that causes some people to always be in the state of Alhamdulillah?

My mother is one of those genuinely content and grateful people. She always sees the good in every situation, regardless of how ‘terrible’ it is. No matter what problem I have, after speaking to her about it I am grateful and more in love with Allah. She helps me see that every situation in life is an opportunity to harvest for our real lives – the akhira.

What’s her secret?


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If you’re sad and you know it: 5 ways to get out of a bad mood NOW!


WARNING: I  overdosed on Pinterest Quotes for this post.

My love for Pinterest is no secret. On several occasions I’ve referred to Pinterest as my bestie and here’s why: no matter what I need, Pinterest has all the answers.

Sometimes I don’t even know what it is that I’m feeling or thinking but Pinterest does. I’ve had so many “OMG! Yes!” moments while browsing through the Pinterest feed.

Lately my Pinterest board “So true!” has been over flowing with  self-help, anti- anxiety and optimism quotes. It’s reflective of my life: I’ve been having a few bad days. Though I know my bad days are due to the fact that I am super disorganized since the school year started, I have sprayed those negative feelings over my entire life.

Bad Days

We all have them. At one point or another we perceive the bad parts of our life as out weighing the good parts and then succumb to the bad days.

One of the worst types of bad days are the unreasonable ones. The ones where you just KNOW you’re blowing things out of proportion or making things worse but you  can’t help it. Those days are the worst because you can’t get away from your perpetrator since you are the perpetrator. (more…)

A billion or so Hajj Tips and Tricks PART TWO

Salaamz dear Hajjis–to-be–who–will-make-dua-for-me!
I hope you enjoyed Part One of the Billion (or so) Hajj Tips and Tricks series. I’m back this week with many more tips about Good deeds, Tawaf ,the Stinkies, Hajj book and Duas.

Our going for Hajj in 2012 was almost a miracle. I can’t explain what happened exactly but around October 2011 something sparked inside me: I wanted to go for Hajj. As a Muslim, I always wanted to go for Hajj but this sudden yearning or powerful desire was different. I wanted to go SO badly that it was frightening.

What if I wasn’t able to go? Would I be patient enough to understand that in Allahs wisdom it was better for me to go later? What if I took it personally? What if I interpreted it to mean that Allah did not want to invite me to His home? Would I be able to recover from the hurt and rejection?
With every month that passed, the desire to go turned into an intense need and the fear of not being able to go multiplied.
Even as the plans for going for Hajj started to fall into place my husband and I were reluctant to celebrate or even accept it. We were content when we made our final payment, we were relieved when we got our Visas, we were excited when we buckled ourselves in our seats in the airplane. Still we wouldn’t believe it.

Our worst fear was that something might stop us from performing Hajj. Ironically, the seat next to my husband on the airplane was empty! What could have happened to this person? Did he die? He must have been so excited to go, collected thousands of dollars, made all sorts of preparations; yet isn’t here now.  That could have been us!

We didn’t ‘believe it’ yet until we finally laid our eyes on the Ka’bah. (more…)

I miss Allah

MrPP4bWU                     Whenever people reminisce about their pre-religious days, their mouths water over memories of McDonald’s chicken nuggets and gummy worms. I must admit there were times I was a little jealous that I never had such ‘haraam days’ ( Don’t judge me- I just really really want to taste some Lucky Charms darn it!). We ate halaal from the start and never got the chance to taste these ‘staple Canadian foods’.