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My week with Mortimer’s and Give Away for one lucky winner!


I’m the type of person that proudly shares that I got my shirt for $6 or that the gourmet tasting cookies are actually made from a box . I just have such a thrill finding bargains while shopping  or short cuts to recipes that I must share with anyone I encounter. I am the kooky lady talking to strangers about random tips and tricks.  Today’s post is about my latest ‘find’, trust me you’ll love it too. Especially when you find out the  give away associated with it!

The moment I heard about Halal meat pies that are ready to eat within minutes, I knew  we would be BF’s..but I had no idea we would be BFF’s ( yes, I’ve been hanging with my little cousins a tad too much).

Mortimer's Halal Kitchen

Mortimer’s Halal Kitchen

In the past a ready to go meal was always a compromise between eating something with meat and flavourful but stinking up the lunchroom or inconspicuously eating some bland macaroni without attracting extra attention. Mortimer’s Halal On The Go immediately piqued my interest.. HMA Certified Halal meat?, Convenient? Wholesome ingredients? No MSG and artificial flavours? But it must not be flavourful. I immediately agreed to test them out and have not looked back ever since. (more…)

LiebsterAward-2 (image from

The Liebster Award

Salaamz dear readers!

How have you guys been?

Some of the Hajji’s are starting to return from Hajj Masha’Allah. May Allah SWT accept their Hajj and duas. Ameen. I’ve been doing a lot of crying lately as I receive messages from Hajjis who found my Hajj tips valuable and made dua for me while on their trip. THANK YOU! To have someone remember you and make duah for you at the most holiest of places (especially someone you’ve never met), is such a beautiful feeling. May Allah SWT bless them with the absolute best in this life and the absolute best in the Hereafter.Ameen.

Subhan Allah, this Hajj season has been so trying and tragic. Well tragic for the families and loved ones of those that died in the crane incident or during the stampede; however,those who passed away are truly lucky. May Allah SWT grant them a place in Jannat-il-Firdous.Ameen. Death is one of the only truths everyone agrees on. Near death experiences are often instrumental catalysts to changing ones life. For the Hajji’s that survived both incidents, their Hajj and worship must have been exponentially more sincere and heartfelt.

While the memories are still fresh, I would love to hear more about your trip. Please drop me a line or two or several hundred at


Liebster Award

BLACK1A few months ago I had posted that I was nominated for The Most Inspirational Blog Award and I had asked for you guys to vote for me. Jazak Allahu Khairun for all of those that voted for me – but I didn’t win.

I came in third place though!

Many people asked me if I would get a prize or money for winning; there’s no physical prize but I still wanted to win darn it! (more…)