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My top 7 tips for increasing focus.


Energy to do everything (Pinterest)

Energy to do everything (Pinterest)

I know things have been real quiet around here..but I have a really good explanation. I am focusing on focusing. It’s a blessing to be motivated and have 987 ideas but it’s mentally exhausting. I want to do it all! The most ironic side effect to wanting to do it all is that you end up doing nothing. I’m pretty busy with my Islamic Home Decor business but I still feel like I’m doing nothing for my actual long-term goals.Whether it’s your career, education, relationships or spiritual goals, you must focus on the most important ones in order to be successful.

How I manage adhd (pinterest)

How I manage ADHD (Pinterest)

I could tell my frazzled over thinking state wasn’t healthy so  naturally I started a Ted talk marathon and began Youtubing videos of self-help gurus. I typed ‘how to beat procrastination’ and ‘how to focus’ in the search box; I ended up delving into the world of Vision Boards and Purpose and the Laws of Attraction. But the ultimate issue was FOCUS. Let’s focus on focus. I’m seriously considering having myself tested for some sort of attention deficit disorder…is it possible to develop later on in life? I have found so much valuable information for all of you! Get ready to change your lives and be the You, you always dreamed of becoming. But you must focus first. (more…)

Ramadan Zombie Guest post and bio

Salaamz dear readers!

How’s your Ramadan going?

I hope you’re healthy, spiritually productive and racking up tons of good deeds Insha’Allah.

Allhumdullillah I had the opportunity to write my second guest post! I wrote a piece on Ramadan for the South Asian Bloggers Network. Can I tell you how difficult it was to write for a non-Muslim audience?? I had to delete ‘Insha’Allah’ and ‘Masha’Allah so many times!

The article is called Ramadan Zombie vs Peppy Muslim. I really enjoyed writing it and am Allhumdullillah happy with how it turned out.

They asked me to write a short bio about myself- this was  more challenging than expected. I’m a girl of many words- I talk a mile a minute and often about various topics simultaneously. Asking me to write a ‘short’ bio- especially about myself- is like asking me to choose only one purse at a 90% off Michael Kors sale!

Anyhow, I did what I always do when learning something new- I Googled it. I hurriedly typed in ‘how to write a stellar bio for a guest post’-apparently I’m not the only one worried about this topic. The huge search results only confused me further;’ the bio should be unique, express your personality, highlight your achievements without sounding like you’re bragging, prompt readers to connect with you etc’. I ended up coming up with something which I thought was lighthearted, witty, expressive of my personality and informative.

Hours after submitting it, I went back to re-read it and found it really annoying! I felt like I came across as obnoxious and silly.

I contemplated e-mailing Raj from SABN to ignore the bio I sent and accept a new one, but I decided against it at the risk of appearing unprofessional and because I couldn’t come up with anything much better. Maybe the bio was accurate after all- I faintly recall the adjectives obnoxious and silly coming up sometime or the other in my Or maybe I was just plain ‘Hangry’.


One of the signs that I’m ‘hangry’ is when I get on my own nerves!

Have you had ever experienced that? The moment when your own voice, and thoughts and behavior irritate you?

But you can’t get away from yourself?

Then you feel bad for being annoyed with yourself and then you worry if you have deep rooted psychological issues wherein you secretly hate yourself? Then you eat a cookie and the world makes sense again?

It can’t just be me!

Here’s an excerpt from the article;


“Though The Walking Dead and World War Z popularized Zombie’s, they existed long before Hollywood made it hip. Muslims are the hipsters of zombies. Every Ramadan many of the 1.4 billion Muslims become Zombies- cranky and lifeless as they trudge around moaning and groaning during daylight hours until it’s time to eat.

To be fair, there’s actually a dichotomy of Ramadan-ers: Ramadan Zombie and the Peppy Muslim. As the Ramadan Zombie is becoming more mainstream, its lesser known counterpart has faded into the background over the course of 1400 years. The Peppy Muslims is perky, alert and full of energy; a stark contrast to the lethargic, slow and cranky Zombie.

Be it the rise of processed foods or the growing ignorance over the true essence of Ramadan –more and more Muslims are becoming Ramadan Zombies. Though they both may be experiencing hunger, one is clearly faring better than the other.

What’s the Peppy Muslim’s secret?

What gives them that bounce in their step, the bright-eyed bushy-tailed attitude as they fast from food and drink for over 17 hours* this summer?”



I hope you enjoy it! Don’t forget to leave a comment on the SABN Facebook page or their blog itself. Oh and honest feedback on the bio please!

Chai later,




Chanel and KD: balancing love, life and little ones


Chanel Google image,d.aWw&psig=AFQjCNEvlv41EcEHr45FftU-5KHUJ9E6rA&ust=14293917a78473986


It’s been a few weeks since I entered the blog sphere- as much as I love it there’s definitely a huge learning curve for me. At the moment it’s more about techie website stuff than actual posts. Skimping on sleep and pretty much everything else seems to be the only way to ‘balance’ my life.

As soon as the little ones are asleep I rush to fire up my laptop and drown in this ocean of information until the wee hours of the night. Is it possible to joyfully drown? Don’t get me wrong I’m enjoying blogging but am constantly behind in everything else.

Long story short I have raccoon eyes and I make Wednesday Addams look like a supermodel. (more…)