Do’s & Don’ts of welcoming a new hijabi


New Hijabi Welcome

New Hijabi Welcome

Masha’Allah lately I’ve been hearing about so many sisters starting to wear hijab. I am so proud of them! It’s not easy to start wearing hijab; especially not within the current political climate (#harperfashionpolice, #DressCodepm).

Though hijab is a very important part of Islam, I feel it gets too much attention. Even though praying, fasting, and giving in charity are ranked higher in terms of basic requirements for being considered a Muslim, we seem to define people’s religiosity by whether they wear hijab or not. I guess this is because hijab is the most visible part of worship, this also makes it one of the most debated and difficult decisions.  (more…)

The Perfect Cup Of Chai

chai recipe title

               As you can tell from the title of my blog, chai is a pretty big part of my life. I’m not a chai connoisseur or anything (Oolong and Rooibos are not part of my vocabulary).

I just like my simple,creamy, hug in a cup chai. (more…)

Upcycling frames from drab to FAB for less than $1!

coverimage framesI get bored easily.

I can be very ADD about the décor in my house…which is a problem when you’re managing on a single income. But never fear! The internet is crawling with DIY upcycling projects that cost pennies to make.

I decided to try and change some old frames into ‘new’ chic ones without any fancy tools (its not really a cheap project if I have to spend money on expensive tools).

I was pretty happy with the results! (more…)

I miss Allah

MrPP4bWU                     Whenever people reminisce about their pre-religious days, their mouths water over memories of McDonald’s chicken nuggets and gummy worms. I must admit there were times I was a little jealous that I never had such ‘haraam days’ ( Don’t judge me- I just really really want to taste some Lucky Charms darn it!). We ate halaal from the start and never got the chance to taste these ‘staple Canadian foods’.


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