Fabulous Friday #2


It’s still Friday in my part of the world..two more hours to be exact.

It’s been a crazy day, some good stuff some, bad stuff- just life I guess.

Insha’Allah I will unveil some exciting news soon! Stay tuned!

On to what’s Fabulous this week…

1)Dalia Mogahed on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah!

Umm.. how super cool is this woman???

I’ve been a Trevor Noah fan since my brother in-law introduced us to his stand up show ‘African- American’ on Netflix. Hilarious and brilliant!

Now that he’s had Dalia Mogahed on the Daily show,I think I’m a die-hard fan. To be honest, I was semi-worried if Dalia Mogahed was going to be able to handle the  Daily Show scene.Obviously I was projecting my own insecurities because she is a hijabi and ‘representing me’. I didn’t tune in to watch her that night, almost fearful that I would be  embarrassed or upset if she ‘crashed and burned’. Strange and irrational way of thinking, yes I know, but that was my state of mind at the time. Masha’Allah she  was so awesome! Intelligent, classy, funny, brilliant, eloquent  and just so down to earth and cool! I know she’s had bigger audiences full of prominent personalities but the late night show crowd can be tough. She owned it and I am so proud of her.

It’s kind of hard  getting a link to the episode, so I will try  to link it via Facebook.

I hope everyone is able to access it and appreciate an empowered Muslimah represent Islam. (more…)

Does the Perfect Wife exist?


A little while back, my best friend and I were doing a little self-introspecting and goal setting over chai- made by me of course. Truth is, I don’t really like chai that anyone else makes. Whenever I’m at a friend’s dinner party I usually offer to make chai,  not because I’m a nice  person- I just like my chai the way I like my chai. I dedicated a whole post (here) to the recipe people! Why don’t you read it??

Goal setting over chai (image frommaisonboheme.blogspot,com.au)

Goal setting over chai (image frommaisonboheme.blogspot,com.au)

Okay..now that you’ve seen my crazy side, it’s a perfect segue back to my goal setting session on being a better person. Along with several career and active life style goals, we both wanted to work on our roles as wives. Each of us had called the other one too many times recently, complaining about marital problems that could have been prevented. Alhamdulillah our problems were essentially petty things that sometimes manifested into bigger issues. Regardless, they still affected us, our children and the overall well-being of the family. Though bickering had become a norm for us, we still had faith that it isn’t the status quo.. that there are couples out there that don’t  harp on each other’s every mistake and go weeks without fighting. This was not going to be a husband bashing session, we were going to take responsibility for our faults and constructively criticize each other for the sake of achieving our goals. (more…)

First Fabulous Friday of 2016

Salaamz !

Alas another week and all I’m posting is a fabulous Friday (sigh). Just letting you  know there’s a particular article I’m working on that -much to my husband’s annoyance- I’ve re-written about 11 times already! I know that’s kinda crazy but…I can’t  help it! It’s just not what I want it to be yet. Insha’Allah soon – make duah I get out of this writers block!

So three fabulous things this week that I MUST share with my awesome readers are:


  1. Josie Maran Skin Care Essentials

    Josie Maran Skin Care Essentials

    Josie Maran skin care essentials. This is not an affiliate post; I don’t get paid for my opinions.. but hey Josie, feel free to send some cash my way! This was a gift from my older sister Naila. She keeps me in the know with the latest and greatest in beauty products/ trends.Her advice is always worth its weight in gold; she is a successful make-up artist in the GTA Masha’ Allah.

    Naila Rana GTA Make Up Artist

    Naila Rana GTA Make Up Artist

    Check out her Instagram account here (after years of being in business, she finally made an account!). Not only does she introduce me to ‘what’s trending now’, she buys it for me too! Seriously, I think when she goes shopping she buys ‘one for me, one for Sahar!’ Yes, I know I’m incredibly lucky to have this amazing Sugar Mama Sista. On top of being super generous and highly talented, she’s a pretty awesome person too. Ok, losing focus, enough about Naila, back to Josie (I initially thought Josie was a Spanish man, I read it like Jose..hmm maybe there’s a reason why I don’t have affiliate connections with her lol). When I opened the box, there were so many little viles that I became intimidated. I really don’t have the time or patience for things that have multiple complicated steps. So back in the box it went. After seeing no improvement in my skin, Naila asked me if I had started using it or not. Apparently the results are so obvious within a short period of time, that she could clearly tell I hadn’t started using it!

    Josie Maran Argan Oil and Argan Milk

    Josie Maran Argan Oil and Argan Milk

    I was intimidated for no reason! The actual skin care regimen is just two steps. The Pure Argan Milk Intensive Hydrating Treatment and the 100% Pure Argan Oil. Rub 3-5 drops of the milk on your clean face and follow up with the oil. That’s it! The other bottles were for hair, body and pre-makeup prep. So I’ve been using it and loving it! I re-apply the oil a few times a day because of doing wudu several times a day.This is the best thing I’ve done for my face in forever!


How my child’s self esteem gave me mine back


Happy 2016!

As many people make resolutions today about how to be better, goals to achieve, mistakes not to repeat, I just keep thinking it’s the last weekday off before my son goes back to school.

And I feel so guilty.

His winter breaks began while I was in the midst of launching my products. As I mentioned a few days ago, everything took the back seat to my crazy crafting day and night.

We were supposed to take a road trip to New Jersey to visit my cousin, have sleepovers and unlimited play dates. Instead he constantly heard “This is Mama’s time, please watch your brother”. I pretty much told him that I do everything for him, his brother and father all the time, just for once I need everyone to focus on me. It was the truth, I delivered that statement as dramatically as I could. I really did need all the help and shirking of responsibility I could get. It was impossible for me to be prepared for R.I.S otherwise.But I can’t stop feeling so guilty. (more…)

How was RIS?

Now that RIS is over, everyone has been asking me: How was RIS (Reviving the Islamic Spirit Conference 2015)? Translation: did you make any sales or was it a bust?
I keep saying ‘It was a great learning experience’ Translation : it was horrible but I’m being optimistic.LOL…actually that was true only until Saturday night. Alhumdulillah it really was a great learning experience and I’m really happy that I did it. Actually make that, I am proud of myself for going through the ups and downs of the entire experience..

Mompreneur (Image from dubaimom.com)

Mompreneur (Image from dubaimom.com)

So many women, especially mothers just like me who exited the workforce when they had children, were following my story keenly. Subhan Allah, a few strangers from around the world messaged me to let me know how proud they were of me! I honestly appreciate the support and kind words so much. For the well wishers and the potential mompreneurs to be, here’s a few bits of advice from my first jab at making and selling my own products. (more…)

I’m going for it!


Lately I’ve been contemplating starting my own business. I want this business to: be something I enjoy, make me some money, be something I can handle while being a stay at home mom and most importantly serve as an investment in my Akhira (the Hereafter).

Silver and Black Kabah

Silver and Black Kabah

I decided to merge the concept of Sadaqa Jaariyyah (everlasting good deeds) with my love of giving unique and personalized gifts to my family and friends. I started creating gifts and home decor with a purpose.

I took a leap of faith, spent lots and lots of money and decided to turn my dreams into reality!

I’m showcasing my products for the first time ever at The Reviving the Islamic Spirit Conference this weekend at the Salam Shop booth! (more…)

DIY Gallery Wall

Salaamz guys!

I had some drop in visitors last night.. it was crazy exciting because no one just drops in to visit me since I kinda live in the boonies. My younger sister and cousin were missing my kids so they drove an hour to play with them! Even though their visit lasted only as long as their drive over, I was giddy and in a good mood for many hours after. Having family, guests, and good people in your life is such a blessing. I didn’t know how much I needed their Generation Y-ness to freshen up my evening and make me feel like I was 90 years old.

“That’s so Bae” and “Re-tweet!”  are apparently complete sentences expressing appreciation.

They dropped by while I was in one of my crafting frenzies, card stock, exacto knives and glitter everywhere. Despite dressing like ‘one of those white soccer moms’, I still managed to impress them with my DIY gallery wall. It was so bae.

Remember that Office re-do I had planned (read about it here)? Well Allhumdullillah it’s about 90% done. The other 10 % (my beat up old chair) will be taken care of much later so I’ll just ignore that.

Black & White stationary

Black & White stationary

Basically anything in our home has to be indestructible because of my youngest (Beta). (You may remember the unfortunate fates of my iPhone and printer). As much as I love those beautiful, delicate stationary and desk accessories, I have accepted that I can never have them. Every little bit that I do  have , has to be moved to a high enough location that he can’t reach. The solution to a pretty office that was Beta proof was a DIY gallery wall.

Hopefully he won’t be inspired to climb on the desk and take them all down. (more…)

Fabulous Friday

I’m still huffing and puffing from sending the hubby and my eldest out the door. Why are all mornings so hectic?
I hate sending my son off to school by yelling at him or scolding him.. but he just won’t wake up! Asking him nicely 46 times is not nearly as effective as ‘That’s it! GET UUUUPPPP!!’ Then everything goes according to schedule and I hate myself all day long for being so mean first thing in the morning and last thing before he sets off to spend the day without me. This happens almost twice a week.
But every Saturday and Sunday he’s bright eyed and bushy-tailed at 7am – without exception!
It’s not just mornings that have become hectic, as I mentioned last month I am taking the Ladypreneur 101 Course from The Business Boutique. It’s intense! I love how it’s forcing me to make sense of my bazillion ‘amazing’ ideas. I’m behind in my homework, my room is covered in sticky notes, days feel like hours and ‘real-life’ is just getting in the way of me actualizing my ideas! The experience of taking this course is unlike any other schooling or class I’v ever taken because I’m planning on applying 100% of the course material. It’s not about getting the right answer, it’s about truly learning so you don’t waste a bunch of money! It’s exciting and scary all at the same time. Make duah for me please! (more…)

Part 5: 10 things I learned in 10 years of marriage


How’s everyone enjoying the cold weather? Can you believe it, the years almost over.

This is the last post in the 10 things I learned in 10 years of marriage series. I hope my 10 years of experience through trial ad error and a whole lot of research has been beneficial for you guys.
I’d like to point out that these are things I learned, not necessarily something I implement everyday; I have my good days and my bad days..
The plan was to share my knowledge while creating accountability for myself. I cant explain to you the number of times my husband has used these recent posts against me!
I knew it was a possibility when I set out to write this series. As annoying as it is I appreciate that it helps me achieve a better marriage Insha’Allah. (more…)

Resilience and Fabulous Friday


Yaaay  it’s Friday! Anyone have any Black Friday shopping plans? I’m in the market for a printer. My last printer was pretty basic but got the job done. The best part was that it only cost $30.Unfortunately it is now just another name to add to the list of things my little one broke. No joke, this kid has some sort of ‘talent’ for destruction.

Hopefully I’ll get a decent one soon. I’ll have to keep it on top of my book shelf. There’s so much to consider when buying a printer- especially the cost of ink overtime. To read a pretty helpful article on ‘inkonomics’ click here.

Women only event at ISNA Nov. 29, 2015 resilience-real-women-extraordinary-struggles-unwavering-perseverance

Women only event at ISNA Nov. 29, 2015 resilience-real-women-extraordinary-struggles-unwavering-perseverance

Who’s going to the Resilience event this Sunday at ISNA? I’ve been looking forward to it since my friends told me about it. I’ve always had a soft spot for the rags to riches or the from zero to hero story.The underlying theme being that life can do a complete 180 turn for the better Insha’Allah. I love hearing real-life stories of how people overcame obstacles or tragedies. Just listening to their journey of resilience  from calamity to survivor is incredibly inspiring. (more…)

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