If you knew Allah


Ramadan Mubarak!

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Ramadan ready e-book- available on Amazon for $2.99

How’s Ramadan so far? I hope you’re managing your mind, body and soul in such a way that your Ramadan is full of blessings and energy. If you’re lacking energy it’s probably because of what you’re eating. Check out my e-book Ramadan Ready for recipes and  tips on how to eat for the optimal Ramadan experience!

As for your mind and soul, I’m hoping this post will help you discover an entirely new way of understanding life; through knowing  Allah .

Instagram post via Inspired and Fabulous

Instagram post via Inspired and Fabulous

When I came across this post on Instagram by Inspired and Fabulous I couldn’t help but wonder how amazing life would be if everything was ‘good’. Not good as in nothing bad ever happens (that’s what Jannah is for), but good as in you are always able to understand why ‘bad’ things happen and extract the lessons and benefits of it. Imagine being at that spiritual level where you see the best in every single situation? How do people achieve that? Have they trained their minds to focus only on positives and become blind to the negatives? What is it that causes some people to always be in the state of Alhamdulillah?

My mother is one of those genuinely content and grateful people. She always sees the good in every situation, regardless of how ‘terrible’ it is. No matter what problem I have, after speaking to her about it I am grateful and more in love with Allah. She helps me see that every situation in life is an opportunity to harvest for our real lives – the akhira.

What’s her secret?

She knows Allah. She deciphers life through His attributes.

Her worries, sorrow, pain and fears all succumb to her Creator. I have rarely seen her frazzled or in a panic. To be honest, the fact that she’s so relaxed about everything often whips me into a frenzy as I feel like it’s on me to ‘worry about getting things done’. Instead of feeding off of her peace I react with a completely opposite emotion.

I recently discovered that the problem lies in my knowledge of Allah. I used to think that since it is vital for Muslims to be optimistic, I can make sense of the world by finding the positive in every negative.

But I was actually limiting Allah’s mercy according to the parameters of my creative thinking. I would try to understand why ‘bad things happen to  good people’ through my understanding of the world and Islam. If I wasn’t able to come up with a reason to explain a disturbing or ‘unfair’ situation, I would get a little anxious . Now I know that I should have been understanding life through Allah’s attributes.


We all have problems.

Sometimes we think we are the only ones with big worries, but the truth is that if you were to be completely exposed to someone else’s problems and given the chance to trade yours for their’s – you wouldn’t.

how can rich and poor be equal (image from thefiscaltimes.com)

how can rich and poor be equal (image from thefiscaltimes.com)

If you ever find yourself wishing for someone else’s life, remember that you know very little. We are all equal. Perhaps you are unaware that Allah is Al-Adil; The Most Just. If you understood this attribute of His you wouldn’t question why He gave you differently than others. Different but equal.

How can I say a billionaire was given equal to someone raised in a slum. Allah is the Everlasting. This world is only a few moments compared to the Hereafter. The billionaire may have to account for billions of favours Allah SWT gave him while the man from the slums may enter Jannah far more quickly as he has much less to ‘declare’.

Our problems are as large as our ignorance of Allah.

The less we know Him the less everything makes sense. When you base your understanding of a situation simply on the surface details, you feel anxiety and insecure.You become enslaved by your fears.

If you knew Allah you would know He is Al-Azeez, Al-Hakeem. He knows that major/ relationship/job was going to be bad for your akhira, so He denied you what you asked for but gave you something else instead.

99 names of Allah (image from islamic8.com)

99 names of Allah (image from islamic8.com)

If you knew Allah, you would know he is Al-Mujib (The Responder of prayers). No matter how oppressed or powerless you feel, you know He hears all because He is As-Sami (The All Hearing) and will respond the moment you call on Him. You would never stop making duah.

If you knew Allah, you would know He is Al-Wadud. His love for you extends beyond human comprehension. You would know the ‘trials’ you face are actually opportunities. You would know He only has your best interest in mind; every struggle, every ounce of pain, every tear will be repaid where it counts the most- in the Hereafter. You WILL be grateful that He tested you and gave you opportunities to achieve such tremendous rewards.

If you knew Allah, you would know He is Malikul Mulk. the Supreme Owner and Al-Qawiyy The Possessor of All Strength. You would be fearless. Nothing can happen to you without Allah’s will. Your ‘boss’ is not the one who pays your salary – Ar-Razzaq (The Provider) does. If you’re being forced to compromise your religion, walk away, the real Boss will continue to pay you.

This Ramadan get to know Allah. Learn one of His 99 names everyday. Contemplate why Allah revealed that name to us. Think about how that name is significant to your relationship with Him.

The more you know Him, the more you will love Him and the more you will feel loved.

Ramadan Kareem!

Chai later,


2 Comments on If you knew Allah

  1. Amina
    June 11, 2016 at 6:14 pm (2 years ago)

    Subhanallah so true!
    May Allah guide and give us better understanding, ameen.
    Lovely article! Just what I needed right now. Jzk khair

    • Sahar
      July 3, 2016 at 2:31 am (2 years ago)

      You and me both. We forget how Awesome Allah is, How Powerful how Just. Insha’Allah we can strive to understand Him better so that our world makes sense and so that we can be more grateful.Hope you have a fantastic Eid!


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