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do women hate each other

Do women hate each other?

Salaam dear readers!

Hope you are having an awesome Friday! I wanted to thank each and every one of you for commenting on my last blog post about The Solution to Being Overwhelmed via my Facebook Page, Instagram and private message . Not only does it make me super happy to read what you have to say but I really felt the bond of sisterhood.It was a pretty personal post exposing my current state and faults. Reading how it helped you guys and how I wasn’t the only one making those mistakes, truly comforted me. Thank you!

I’ve been blessed with very gracious and supportive readers; I am so grateful for this digital sisterhood. Times like these remind me how lucky I am to be a girl and to be surrounded by many females.It’s so much more fun being a girl! SO glad I’m not a boring boy.

Why do girls or groups of girlfriends have such a bad rep?

Movies like Mean Girls, Snow White  and every Indian drama out there  always illustrate women as being adversaries or in constant competition with each other. Cat fights over bags, boys and beauty seem to be the exaggerated norm. If women are not busy plotting against each other, their relationships revolve around a male somehow. To make matters worse, sisterhood and positive female relationships are generally ignored.  Men on the other hand are portrayed as supporting each other or working as team members .

Mother in law and daughter in law portrayed in Bollywod (Image from

Mother in law and daughter in law portrayed in Bollywod (Image from

In real life, most marriage advice given to brides-to- be revolves around maneuvering through the tumultuous mother in-law, daughter in-law relationship because it is expected that you will butt heads and have issues. Girls are taught to be wary of jealous friends and to hide their achievements lest they get evil eyed. Almost every girl I know can list a female or two that tried to sabotage them or hated them for their success (more…)

Fabulous Friday #2


It’s still Friday in my part of the world..two more hours to be exact.

It’s been a crazy day, some good stuff some, bad stuff- just life I guess.

Insha’Allah I will unveil some exciting news soon! Stay tuned!

On to what’s Fabulous this week…

1)Dalia Mogahed on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah!

Umm.. how super cool is this woman???

I’ve been a Trevor Noah fan since my brother in-law introduced us to his stand up show ‘African- American’ on Netflix. Hilarious and brilliant!

Now that he’s had Dalia Mogahed on the Daily show,I think I’m a die-hard fan. To be honest, I was semi-worried if Dalia Mogahed was going to be able to handle the  Daily Show scene.Obviously I was projecting my own insecurities because she is a hijabi and ‘representing me’. I didn’t tune in to watch her that night, almost fearful that I would be  embarrassed or upset if she ‘crashed and burned’. Strange and irrational way of thinking, yes I know, but that was my state of mind at the time. Masha’Allah she  was so awesome! Intelligent, classy, funny, brilliant, eloquent  and just so down to earth and cool! I know she’s had bigger audiences full of prominent personalities but the late night show crowd can be tough. She owned it and I am so proud of her.

It’s kind of hard  getting a link to the episode, so I will try  to link it via Facebook.

I hope everyone is able to access it and appreciate an empowered Muslimah represent Islam. (more…)

First Fabulous Friday of 2016

Salaamz !

Alas another week and all I’m posting is a fabulous Friday (sigh). Just letting you  know there’s a particular article I’m working on that -much to my husband’s annoyance- I’ve re-written about 11 times already! I know that’s kinda crazy but…I can’t  help it! It’s just not what I want it to be yet. Insha’Allah soon – make duah I get out of this writers block!

So three fabulous things this week that I MUST share with my awesome readers are:


  1. Josie Maran Skin Care Essentials

    Josie Maran Skin Care Essentials

    Josie Maran skin care essentials. This is not an affiliate post; I don’t get paid for my opinions.. but hey Josie, feel free to send some cash my way! This was a gift from my older sister Naila. She keeps me in the know with the latest and greatest in beauty products/ trends.Her advice is always worth its weight in gold; she is a successful make-up artist in the GTA Masha’ Allah.

    Naila Rana GTA Make Up Artist

    Naila Rana GTA Make Up Artist

    Check out her Instagram account here (after years of being in business, she finally made an account!). Not only does she introduce me to ‘what’s trending now’, she buys it for me too! Seriously, I think when she goes shopping she buys ‘one for me, one for Sahar!’ Yes, I know I’m incredibly lucky to have this amazing Sugar Mama Sista. On top of being super generous and highly talented, she’s a pretty awesome person too. Ok, losing focus, enough about Naila, back to Josie (I initially thought Josie was a Spanish man, I read it like Jose..hmm maybe there’s a reason why I don’t have affiliate connections with her lol). When I opened the box, there were so many little viles that I became intimidated. I really don’t have the time or patience for things that have multiple complicated steps. So back in the box it went. After seeing no improvement in my skin, Naila asked me if I had started using it or not. Apparently the results are so obvious within a short period of time, that she could clearly tell I hadn’t started using it!

    Josie Maran Argan Oil and Argan Milk

    Josie Maran Argan Oil and Argan Milk

    I was intimidated for no reason! The actual skin care regimen is just two steps. The Pure Argan Milk Intensive Hydrating Treatment and the 100% Pure Argan Oil. Rub 3-5 drops of the milk on your clean face and follow up with the oil. That’s it! The other bottles were for hair, body and pre-makeup prep. So I’ve been using it and loving it! I re-apply the oil a few times a day because of doing wudu several times a day.This is the best thing I’ve done for my face in forever!


Fabulous Friday

Salaamz guys,

Remember me?

I know I know, I’ve been pretty bad with posting here ,I’m sorry! I’ve been under the weather and working on some pretty cool stuff which Insha’Allah I will unveil soon.

Ugh, it’ just been me, my sinuses and I. Not only have I been behind in posting articles, I missed out on two fabulous party’s in Mr.Raja’s Neighbourhood; I wasn’t kidding when I said we party in the weeknights. As part of my resolve to stay optimistic I’m trying to see the benefit of  being stagnant this week. It’s been a time for me to reflect more than to produce. I feel like I’m about to break through my cocoon  soon…kind of like a thought incubating period

This weeks fabulous Friday is kind of an indication of what’s been occupying my time: positive change. . (more…)

10 ways to be the best you

“Everything you need to know about how to live life, you can learn from a flight attendant”.

air hostess (image from

air hostess (image from

I waited for him to say more but it seemed like his statement was complete. With a raised eyebrow, I slowly nodded and tried to smile politely as I mentally put the Naturopath sitting across from me in the ‘quack box’. The quack box is a place in my mind where I put people who have crazy ideas, like the aunty’s who tell you to stare at white people through out pregnancy if you want fair skinned children.
Why did it take me 5 months to get an appointment with this guy? He spoke very slowly and simply; I couldn’t help but think either he was slow or he thought I was slow. Initially I had a hard time telling if he was simply pausing or finished talking; I had cut him off at least four times in the past two minutes!

He was the complete opposite of me, I talk fast, use my hands to sign out half the conversation and make a lot of sudden gestures. He speaks, moves, blinks and breathes slowly.

But he thinks really fast.

Within ten minutes of our session he described me to the T. It was frightening and comforting all at once. I quickly removed him from the Quack box and leaned in to hear what he had to say. (more…)

LiebsterAward-2 (image from

The Liebster Award

Salaamz dear readers!

How have you guys been?

Some of the Hajji’s are starting to return from Hajj Masha’Allah. May Allah SWT accept their Hajj and duas. Ameen. I’ve been doing a lot of crying lately as I receive messages from Hajjis who found my Hajj tips valuable and made dua for me while on their trip. THANK YOU! To have someone remember you and make duah for you at the most holiest of places (especially someone you’ve never met), is such a beautiful feeling. May Allah SWT bless them with the absolute best in this life and the absolute best in the Hereafter.Ameen.

Subhan Allah, this Hajj season has been so trying and tragic. Well tragic for the families and loved ones of those that died in the crane incident or during the stampede; however,those who passed away are truly lucky. May Allah SWT grant them a place in Jannat-il-Firdous.Ameen. Death is one of the only truths everyone agrees on. Near death experiences are often instrumental catalysts to changing ones life. For the Hajji’s that survived both incidents, their Hajj and worship must have been exponentially more sincere and heartfelt.

While the memories are still fresh, I would love to hear more about your trip. Please drop me a line or two or several hundred at


Liebster Award

BLACK1A few months ago I had posted that I was nominated for The Most Inspirational Blog Award and I had asked for you guys to vote for me. Jazak Allahu Khairun for all of those that voted for me – but I didn’t win.

I came in third place though!

Many people asked me if I would get a prize or money for winning; there’s no physical prize but I still wanted to win darn it! (more…)

The hot hijabi's guide to surviving the summer heat

The Hot Hijabi’s guide to surviving the summer heat

It’s that time of the year again when the sun is shining, the birds are chirping and everyone is outside enjoying the gorgeous weather.

Everyone except me…I’m more like a vampire clinging to the shade hissing at the rays of the sun lest I burn from the heat.

\Well I used to be like that..I’m better now..kinda

After many many years of wearing the hijab (since I was in grade 4 Allhumdullillah)  I think I’ve finally mastered the art of surviving the summer’s heat while wearing a hijab and dressing modestly..and the fact that super chic stores like Salam Shop, Dara Boutique and Modah opened up in the GTA really really help!

Back in my day (I’m going to have an aunty moment here) the only options we had for hijabs were these thick cotton triangles with 3 inch trims of lace or these silk squares that looked more like tablecloths .Anyone else have to suffer those? I didn’t even  bother with safety pins- I would simply tie the two ends under my chin in a huge knot and I was off walking barefoot to school uphill both ways of course . Problem was I used to love hanging upside down on the monkey bars- you can imagine what happened next- wish the magnetic hijab pins were available back then. (more…)

The perfect Neighbourhood

Mr Rajas Perfect Neighbourhood

The perfect Neighbourhood
Mister Rogers



You probably won’t believe me when I tell you about my perfect neighbourhood. Let’s call it Mister Rogers Mr. Raja’s neighbourhood. It’s a Muslimah’s dream.  There are about eight of my really good friends living in a 1 km radius of me, most within walking distance.

I  know what you’re thinking- that we all became friends after moving here- wrong! We were all part of a tight knit group and then one by one we all moved here! Honestly it’s such an incredible blessing.  You should see our neighbourhood in Ramadan! 10 minutes before Iftaar there’s constant ringing of the doorbell and plate after plate of uber yummy food from the families (totally going to post about it in a few months!). (more…)

Chanel and KD: balancing love, life and little ones


Chanel Google image,d.aWw&psig=AFQjCNEvlv41EcEHr45FftU-5KHUJ9E6rA&ust=14293917a78473986


It’s been a few weeks since I entered the blog sphere- as much as I love it there’s definitely a huge learning curve for me. At the moment it’s more about techie website stuff than actual posts. Skimping on sleep and pretty much everything else seems to be the only way to ‘balance’ my life.

As soon as the little ones are asleep I rush to fire up my laptop and drown in this ocean of information until the wee hours of the night. Is it possible to joyfully drown? Don’t get me wrong I’m enjoying blogging but am constantly behind in everything else.

Long story short I have raccoon eyes and I make Wednesday Addams look like a supermodel. (more…)

Do’s & Don’ts of welcoming a new hijabi


New Hijabi Welcome

New Hijabi Welcome

Masha’Allah lately I’ve been hearing about so many sisters starting to wear hijab. I am so proud of them! It’s not easy to start wearing hijab; especially not within the current political climate (#harperfashionpolice, #DressCodepm).

Though hijab is a very important part of Islam, I feel it gets too much attention. Even though praying, fasting, and giving in charity are ranked higher in terms of basic requirements for being considered a Muslim, we seem to define people’s religiosity by whether they wear hijab or not. I guess this is because hijab is the most visible part of worship, this also makes it one of the most debated and difficult decisions.  (more…)