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Why is the purpose of your fasting?

First Guest Post and Scared of Ramadan

Salaamz readers,

So many firsts and so much good news to share- totally relishing in Ramadan blessings Allhumdullillah!

I wrote my first guest post ever!!! It’s for the Salam shop blog about being scared of Ramadan. The post was inspired by true events (hehe , you know who you are ;p).


Recently while at an Aqiqah, a really dear friend of mine confided in me:  “I’m scared of Ramadan. I feel so bad feeling this way. Everyone tonight has been talking about how they’re so excited and just can’t wait. I feel like such a bad person because I’m thinking the exact opposite-I’m counting down the days I have left of being energetic and productive.”

I knew exactly where she was coming from- I used to feel the same way. This year the fasts will be 17 hours long for North Americans and 19 hours for those in Europe. No food and drink during the hot summer days can make anyone nervous!

(My mouth feels parched just thinking about it)

I have this really annoying habit where if I can fix a problem or am aware of a solution –I Need TO SHARE IT IMMEDIATELY!

Perhaps it’s the teacher in me always ready to harp on teachable moments- I was brimming with excitement- there was so much I wanted to tell her all at once. I can only imagine how I looked, wild eyes, idiotic smile plastered on my face, nodding quickly to hurry her story along waiting for the opportunity to blurt out my epiphany. We’ve been friends for years- I’m hoping she’s used to my ‘quirks’.

I started asking her a series of questions- a very dramatic version of the Socratic method in order to build my case.

Me: Do you eat Suhoor?

Saheli: No- I find that when I don’t eat in the mornings I feel less hungry. Also, every bit of sleep counts! I’d rather sleep in.

Me: What’s the point of Ramadan?

S: worship Allah, it’s like a training camp- earn as many good deeds as you can and earn protection from the hell fire.

Me: Good job!

S: You’re so annoying

Me: Sorry. The problem is that your actions don’t seem to be in line with your goals. If you want to earn as many good deeds as possible you must eat foods that will provide your body with energy to be able to perform good deeds. Skipping Suhoor to prevent you from feeling hungry would make sense if your goal was managing your hunger. Is your goal for Ramadan to manage your hunger?

S: No…you know it isn’t..but I see how that makes sense. How about the lack of sleep? How much ibadah will I get done if I’m so sleepy?

M: Do you believe that the Prophet PBUH is Allah’s last and final messenger?

S: Are you seriously asking me this question?

M: okay okay.. yes Suhoor is not fard but it is a Sunnah of the Prophet PBUH- there’s always benefit in following the Sunnah . Also, there’s several hadith outlining the virtues of eating Suhoor – even if it’s just a gulp of water or dates. If you eat a vitamin packed Suhoor you a) will have energy to do ibadah and b)won’t feel so tired and lethargic making you subconsciously dread fasting. Napping is a Sunnah too! Iftaar time will be around 9pm- you can definitely squeeze in a nap after work.

S: Makes sense- but what I don’t get is why I feel so listless after eating a meal at iftaar time. Shouldn’t I be full of energy after eating?

M: depends on how much you ate and what you ate. Your digestive system was asleep all day- you need to gently wake it up with small quantities of easy to digest foods like dates. How much do you eat for iftaar?

S: Not much- a bit more than a regular dinner

M: interesting (dramatically stroke my chin)

S: you’re being annoying again

M: I can’t help it! I was born this way.. anyways- during Ramadan you should be eating less than or equal to how much you eat during non-Ramadan days.

S: That doesn’t make sense- you just told me I need to eat to have energy and now you’re saying I need to eat a normal or small dinner after 17 hours of starving myself.

M: *sigh* undernutrition without malnutrition

S: come again?

M: undernutrition without malnutrition- eat less calories than you usually do but whatever you do eat should be nutrient dense.

S: I see, using multiple syllable words are we? If you’re so smart why don’t you write a book?

M: I did!

S: seriously?

M: it’s called Ramadan Ready– only $2.99 on Amazon.

S: Why an e-book? Not everyone has an e-reader?

M: it’s better for the environment, affordable and the kindle app is free to be used on any device.

S: oh cool! Will check it out


S: what???

M: sorry- just always wanted to say that.

S: Lol-You’re going to blog about this aren’t you?

M: you know it!


So here it is!

We’re scared of Ramadan because of 3 reasons:


Dear you

We need to talk.
Yes, this is serious.
And yes what I have to say might change our relationship forever,

I’m not able to say this to your face for a variety of reasons.
Before you read what I’m about to say- just remember this:
I love you.
I love you so much that I’m willing to let you go – in case I upset you with what I have to say- it’s better we part ways than for us to continue while I silently watch you destroy yourself.

So here it is. (more…)

My husbands fault

My Husband’s Fault

Salaamz dear Readers!

I wanted to apologize for the fact that I have been barely posting once a week or responding to your lovely comments – it is all my husband’s fault.

He’s typically pretty awesome- not the controlling type. He never really comes out and tells me to do something. He’ll definitely beat around the bush, but it’s very rare for him to directly demand anything of me. I’ve always thought I was very blessed to have a democratic relationship.

Anyways… I guess I ‘thought too soon’ because one day he completely turned into one of those ‘because I said so’ husbands.  (more…)

10 things you didn’t know about the Halal Food Festival Toronto

10 things you didnt know about hffto

10 things you didnt know about hffto

Recently,  my childhood best friend and I made plans to go out for a ladies only dinner. It felt like the stars had to align and pigs had to fly before we were able to actually go out. It’s sad that dinner has become a monumental occasion but alas ’tis the reality of my life.

While I was contemplating steak or ribs it dawned on me- more like thundered  on my joyous parade- that we might have to choose a non-halal restaurant.!!!

I was so excited to ditch the kids  go out for a relaxing dinner (one which I wouldn’t have to cook) that I forgot that she doesn’t eat meat.

Thing is, I’m a Meat-a-Tarian. (more…)

Talking your way out of Jannah part1

talking your way out of Jannah

talking your way out of Jannah


You find out that in the next five minutes you will die.

Where do you think you will end up?

Heaven or Hell?

Is your mind suddenly flooding with memories of all the prayers you missed? All the lies you told? Belongings you have yet to return? Sins you never repented for? Or are you clinging to the hope that Allah SWT is The Most Merciful and He will forgive all of your sins?

I do such exercises periodically or when I feel like my Iman is going through a slump. Allhumdullillah visualizing my death remains a frightening exercise every time, and it usually  spurs me into action. A part of me says not to do this exercise often because I may become immune to it one day and no longer reap the benefits- It’s probably shaytaan’s whispers.

How can I not draw closer to my Lord as I think about leaving this world and meeting Him?

Will He be happy with me? Will He be displeased? (more…)

Do’s & Don’ts of welcoming a new hijabi


New Hijabi Welcome

New Hijabi Welcome

Masha’Allah lately I’ve been hearing about so many sisters starting to wear hijab. I am so proud of them! It’s not easy to start wearing hijab; especially not within the current political climate (#harperfashionpolice, #DressCodepm).

Though hijab is a very important part of Islam, I feel it gets too much attention. Even though praying, fasting, and giving in charity are ranked higher in terms of basic requirements for being considered a Muslim, we seem to define people’s religiosity by whether they wear hijab or not. I guess this is because hijab is the most visible part of worship, this also makes it one of the most debated and difficult decisions.  (more…)

I miss Allah

MrPP4bWU                     Whenever people reminisce about their pre-religious days, their mouths water over memories of McDonald’s chicken nuggets and gummy worms. I must admit there were times I was a little jealous that I never had such ‘haraam days’ ( Don’t judge me- I just really really want to taste some Lucky Charms darn it!). We ate halaal from the start and never got the chance to taste these ‘staple Canadian foods’.


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