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My top 7 tips for increasing focus.


Energy to do everything (Pinterest)

Energy to do everything (Pinterest)

I know things have been real quiet around here..but I have a really good explanation. I am focusing on focusing. It’s a blessing to be motivated and have 987 ideas but it’s mentally exhausting. I want to do it all! The most ironic side effect to wanting to do it all is that you end up doing nothing. I’m pretty busy with my Islamic Home Decor business but I still feel like I’m doing nothing for my actual long-term goals.Whether it’s your career, education, relationships or spiritual goals, you must focus on the most important ones in order to be successful.

How I manage adhd (pinterest)

How I manage ADHD (Pinterest)

I could tell my frazzled over thinking state wasn’t healthy so  naturally I started a Ted talk marathon and began Youtubing videos of self-help gurus. I typed ‘how to beat procrastination’ and ‘how to focus’ in the search box; I ended up delving into the world of Vision Boards and Purpose and the Laws of Attraction. But the ultimate issue was FOCUS. Let’s focus on focus. I’m seriously considering having myself tested for some sort of attention deficit disorder…is it possible to develop later on in life? I have found so much valuable information for all of you! Get ready to change your lives and be the You, you always dreamed of becoming. But you must focus first. (more…)

How was RIS?

Now that RIS is over, everyone has been asking me: How was RIS (Reviving the Islamic Spirit Conference 2015)? Translation: did you make any sales or was it a bust?
I keep saying ‘It was a great learning experience’ Translation : it was horrible but I’m being optimistic.LOL…actually that was true only until Saturday night. Alhumdulillah it really was a great learning experience and I’m really happy that I did it. Actually make that, I am proud of myself for going through the ups and downs of the entire experience..

Mompreneur (Image from

Mompreneur (Image from

So many women, especially mothers just like me who exited the workforce when they had children, were following my story keenly. Subhan Allah, a few strangers from around the world messaged me to let me know how proud they were of me! I honestly appreciate the support and kind words so much. For the well wishers and the potential mompreneurs to be, here’s a few bits of advice from my first jab at making and selling my own products. (more…)

I’m going for it!


Lately I’ve been contemplating starting my own business. I want this business to: be something I enjoy, make me some money, be something I can handle while being a stay at home mom and most importantly serve as an investment in my Akhira (the Hereafter).

Silver and Black Kabah

Silver and Black Kabah

I decided to merge the concept of Sadaqa Jaariyyah (everlasting good deeds) with my love of giving unique and personalized gifts to my family and friends. I started creating gifts and home decor with a purpose.

I took a leap of faith, spent lots and lots of money and decided to turn my dreams into reality!

I’m showcasing my products for the first time ever at The Reviving the Islamic Spirit Conference this weekend at the Salam Shop booth! (more…)

DIY Gallery Wall

Salaamz guys!

I had some drop in visitors last night.. it was crazy exciting because no one just drops in to visit me since I kinda live in the boonies. My younger sister and cousin were missing my kids so they drove an hour to play with them! Even though their visit lasted only as long as their drive over, I was giddy and in a good mood for many hours after. Having family, guests, and good people in your life is such a blessing. I didn’t know how much I needed their Generation Y-ness to freshen up my evening and make me feel like I was 90 years old.

“That’s so Bae” and “Re-tweet!”  are apparently complete sentences expressing appreciation.

They dropped by while I was in one of my crafting frenzies, card stock, exacto knives and glitter everywhere. Despite dressing like ‘one of those white soccer moms’, I still managed to impress them with my DIY gallery wall. It was so bae.

Remember that Office re-do I had planned (read about it here)? Well Allhumdullillah it’s about 90% done. The other 10 % (my beat up old chair) will be taken care of much later so I’ll just ignore that.

Black & White stationary

Black & White stationary

Basically anything in our home has to be indestructible because of my youngest (Beta). (You may remember the unfortunate fates of my iPhone and printer). As much as I love those beautiful, delicate stationary and desk accessories, I have accepted that I can never have them. Every little bit that I do  have , has to be moved to a high enough location that he can’t reach. The solution to a pretty office that was Beta proof was a DIY gallery wall.

Hopefully he won’t be inspired to climb on the desk and take them all down. (more…)

Resilience and Fabulous Friday


Yaaay  it’s Friday! Anyone have any Black Friday shopping plans? I’m in the market for a printer. My last printer was pretty basic but got the job done. The best part was that it only cost $30.Unfortunately it is now just another name to add to the list of things my little one broke. No joke, this kid has some sort of ‘talent’ for destruction.

Hopefully I’ll get a decent one soon. I’ll have to keep it on top of my book shelf. There’s so much to consider when buying a printer- especially the cost of ink overtime. To read a pretty helpful article on ‘inkonomics’ click here.

Women only event at ISNA Nov. 29, 2015 resilience-real-women-extraordinary-struggles-unwavering-perseverance

Women only event at ISNA Nov. 29, 2015 resilience-real-women-extraordinary-struggles-unwavering-perseverance

Who’s going to the Resilience event this Sunday at ISNA? I’ve been looking forward to it since my friends told me about it. I’ve always had a soft spot for the rags to riches or the from zero to hero story.The underlying theme being that life can do a complete 180 turn for the better Insha’Allah. I love hearing real-life stories of how people overcame obstacles or tragedies. Just listening to their journey of resilience  from calamity to survivor is incredibly inspiring. (more…)

Fabulous Friday

Salaamz !
So my toddler annihilated my phone.
Words cannot explain how I feel right now..but Leo’s gonna try:

how am i supposed to live gif from pinterest

how am i supposed to live gif from pinterest








It’s not just because I’m disconnected from WhatsApp messages, google analytics, my calendar and the realization that I have the memory of a goldfish; but also because I’m becoming painfully aware of just how addicted to my phone I was.
Allhumdullillah I was offered a few phones by my brothers- an S3, S4 and S5 all Samsungs though (umm could I keep all three?). But I’m about the iphone life! Okay, yeah I think that scored pretty high on the ungrateful meter. I was thinking about what a pain its going to be to remember which apps I had, to pay for them again and get used to the android life. I can’t help but feel like I’m cheating on Apple and switching to the dark side.

A few lessons:

~I’m never buying a new phone, or expensive camera, or nice anything..not until the kids are teenagers.
~My brothers are the best Allhumdullillah.
~I shouldn’t put all my eggs in one basket; a good old address book could have really been helpful right now.
~I’m a better mother than I thought. Secretly I always worried how I would react if my kids ever killed my phone…apparently I’m not as horrible as I thought..yaaaay! Maybe the shock paralyzed me from going crazy or I was too preoccupied with resuscitating it to be a psycho. (more…)

DIY Aqiqah cards free printables


DIY Aqiqah Cards

DIY Aqiqah Cards

Salaamz dear readers!

I’m super excited to share today’s post- FREE PRINTABLES …wooohooo!!!

As I mentioned before I love paper and stationary and upcycling and saving I am sharing a DIY project that encompasses all of those things.

I have a quick solution for when you need a beautiful Aqiqah card and all you can find is Birthday cards..what to do?


Upcycling frames from drab to FAB for less than $1!

coverimage framesI get bored easily.

I can be very ADD about the décor in my house…which is a problem when you’re managing on a single income. But never fear! The internet is crawling with DIY upcycling projects that cost pennies to make.

I decided to try and change some old frames into ‘new’ chic ones without any fancy tools (its not really a cheap project if I have to spend money on expensive tools).

I was pretty happy with the results! (more…)