Fabulous Friday #2


It’s still Friday in my part of the world..two more hours to be exact.

It’s been a crazy day, some good stuff some, bad stuff- just life I guess.

Insha’Allah I will unveil some exciting news soon! Stay tuned!

On to what’s Fabulous this week…

1)Dalia Mogahed on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah!

Umm.. how super cool is this woman???

I’ve been a Trevor Noah fan since my brother in-law introduced us to his stand up show ‘African- American’ on Netflix. Hilarious and brilliant!

Now that he’s had Dalia Mogahed on the Daily show,I think I’m a die-hard fan. To be honest, I was semi-worried if Dalia Mogahed was going to be able to handle the  Daily Show scene.Obviously I was projecting my own insecurities because she is a hijabi and ‘representing me’. I didn’t tune in to watch her that night, almost fearful that I would be  embarrassed or upset if she ‘crashed and burned’. Strange and irrational way of thinking, yes I know, but that was my state of mind at the time. Masha’Allah she  was so awesome! Intelligent, classy, funny, brilliant, eloquent  and just so down to earth and cool! I know she’s had bigger audiences full of prominent personalities but the late night show crowd can be tough. She owned it and I am so proud of her.

It’s kind of hard  getting a link to the episode, so I will try  to link it via Facebook.

I hope everyone is able to access it and appreciate an empowered Muslimah represent Islam.

2) Jeremy McLellan Comedy

Jeremy McLellan Facebook posts

Jeremy McLellan Facebook posts

A few days ago one of my favourite scholars, Yasir Qadhi, shared a post from a comedian and encouraged everyone to like his page. Curious, I checked it out and was impressed with Jeremy McLellan’s insight and courage. He’s received backlash over his pro-Muslim and anti-Islamaphobia posts and views but he’s still going strong. Check out his Facebook page and Like it.

Oh did I mention that he particularly enjoys calling out Donald Trump’s stupidity?

His posts are tons of fun to go through. Enjoy!

3) Being ME: Toronto

I just bought my ticket with an early bird discount – woohoo! This one of a kind conference will take place March 12th 2016 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. I can’t wait!  From their speakers, to topics, to Exhibition and Sister’s corner- it’s truly a remarkable event. Come to think of it, one of the first Being ME (which stands for Muslimah Empowered) conference was days before I left for Hajj. I got a spur-of-the-moment low maintenance, Hajj-friendly haircut in the Sisters Corner by a Muslimah hairstylist. I typically come back with a hijab or piece of Islamic Art from a conference…this was definitely a first for me! But that’s the kind of energy at this conference. Women supporting women entrepreneurs, comfortably engaging with speakers and making connections with other empowered Muslimahs.

I love the atmosphere and sincere sisterhood I feel when I attend this conference by women for women. I plan on taking my niece and introducing her to this amazing event that empowers Muslimahs of all ages. Their mission  is to :

“to give all Muslim women a voice or an outlet to express the reality of their lifestyles, share accomplishments that benefit humanity and inspire others to do the same. We also provide the opportunity for all Muslim women to connect with each other so that we become pillars that support each other and the Deen.”

This year’s topic is on The Mother of the Believer’s Aisha. Check out the inspiring trailer.

Take your mom, mother-in-law, sister, daughter, friend or niece and experience this event like no other. You’ll love it!

Alhamdulillah I hit publish before midnight..kinda got distracted watching Nouman Ali Khan’s series “That’s Messed Up”. May Allah SWT reward him, Dahlia Mogahed and Being ME  for all the excellent work they do for this community. Ameen.

Enjoy your weekend!

Chai later,


2 Comments on Fabulous Friday #2

  1. Kulz
    January 16, 2016 at 9:50 pm (2 years ago)

    FABULOUS POST!! I totally know what you mean about Dalia on the daily show, it’s so nerve wracking… But she’s so brilliant masha Allah and lol Trevor Noah is hilarious.

  2. Hk
    February 20, 2016 at 7:34 am (2 years ago)

    Lovely post! I’m waiting for your latest one 🙂 😉


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