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Yaaay  it’s Friday! Anyone have any Black Friday shopping plans? I’m in the market for a printer. My last printer was pretty basic but got the job done. The best part was that it only cost $30.Unfortunately it is now just another name to add to the list of things my little one broke. No joke, this kid has some sort of ‘talent’ for destruction.

Hopefully I’ll get a decent one soon. I’ll have to keep it on top of my book shelf. There’s so much to consider when buying a printer- especially the cost of ink overtime. To read a pretty helpful article on ‘inkonomics’ click here.

Women only event at ISNA Nov. 29, 2015 resilience-real-women-extraordinary-struggles-unwavering-perseverance

Women only event at ISNA Nov. 29, 2015 resilience-real-women-extraordinary-struggles-unwavering-perseverance

Who’s going to the Resilience event this Sunday at ISNA? I’ve been looking forward to it since my friends told me about it. I’ve always had a soft spot for the rags to riches or the from zero to hero story.The underlying theme being that life can do a complete 180 turn for the better Insha’Allah. I love hearing real-life stories of how people overcame obstacles or tragedies. Just listening to their journey of resilience  from calamity to survivor is incredibly inspiring.

Here’s a little bit of information on the featured speakers:

” You will hear from the woman who climbed out of poverty to become an activist and community leader, running for a federal seat in government.

You will hear from a woman that put herself, her safety and her faith first and was one of the first residents of Nisa Homes.”

This is going to be an amazing event Insha’Allah. This SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 2015.Don’t miss out!


This will be the last Fabulous Friday on Halal Date ideas, since it’s the last Friday of my anniversary month.

IOU date night voucherInstead of posting about fun halal date ideas for married couples, last weeks Fabulous Friday focused on Dating it Forward: sending that exhausted couple out on a date.What’d you guys think of that? Try it! It feel’s amazing to make someone who really needs help, happy.

As promised, we’re back to focusing on ourselves and our own date nights.

In our relationship I’m the more creative one. I love to draw, create art work and upcycle junk around the house. It usually ends up being my responsibility to come up with fun ideas for dates and family time. My husband is in charge of saying no making sure my ideas are possible, affordable and safe.

Paint Together.

Fun activities that don't revolve around food

The top portion was the hubby and mine

Last year we made the effort to do something fun that didn’t revolve around eating. After a quick Google search we discovered the Paint Lounge which  is essentially an art studio with a cafe. They have expert artists on hand to assist you in bringing your ideas on to the canvas. You can browse through many albums of art projects for inspiration and then the artists will tell you which technique and tools you need to make it happen!


Fun activities that don't revolve around food

We divided up the canvas for each arist

I don’t have all the supplies needed and honestly don’t feel like buying a whole bunch of paint colours just for one project. As a mother, the best part about the paint lounge is that you can use all their supplies, not worry about any paint accidents messing up your home.

Though we went as a family trip, we realized that it was actually a perfect place for a fun date. Along side our rowdy family were several couples canoodling and flirting.I’m sure we didn’t add any romance to the ambiance!

Fun activities that don't revolve around food

The Masterpiece


When I posted on my Facebook Page (have you liked the page? and harassed 20 people to like it as well?) about fun date ideas, Sudduf from the Salam shop responded about the Paint Nights they have at her store.Last time it was a couples Paint night! How cool is that? I’ll be on the look out for the next session.

I highly recommend doing some sort of a creative activity on your next date night. Aside from the experience, you get to create a keepsake of that date as well!

I’m off to hunt for the perfect baby proof printer. Hope to see you all this Sunday!

Chai later,



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